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Title (journal) Data Rec., Storage & Processing. — 2011. — Vol. 13, N 4.
Pages 3-11>
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Title (article) Improved CARMA Locality Estimation Model for Peer List Reordering and Its Experimental Validation
Authors G. V. Poryev, V. A. Poryev
Kiev, Ukraine
Annotation The improvement of CARMA network model by addition of locality flavor as well as IPv6 support are concerned. The direct experimental evidence of the improvement of the efficiency of the peer-to-peer networks in terms of the network throughput using previously proposed CARMA locality awareness methods is established. The possible influences of the dynamics of the number of seeding and peering nodes in a swarm (including those directly connected to the test rig) are analyzed and taken into account. Main results indicate average 2,5 % improvement in transfer speed in comparison with clean unbiased transfer modes.
Key words Internet, distributed networks, peer-to-peer networks, locality, clustering.
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