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Title (journal) Data Rec., Storage & Processing. — 2010. — Vol. 12, N 2.
Pages 69-80
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Title (article) Graphic Coding Representation of Information: Data Coding and Decoding Technology
Authors Dychka I.A., Onai M.V., Novosad M.V.
Kiev, Ukraine
Annotation The technique of construction of graphic codes for representation of alphanumeric data and the formalized procedure of decoding which simplifies technology of recognition of two-dimensional graphic codes is offered. Within the limits of a technique of graphic codes construction the method of data compression which is based on division of the alphabet into character sets is developed. The method provides data compression on the average of 30 %. It is shown, that it is necessary to use correctional codes which correct multiple errors for reliable reading graphical-code signs. Encoding algorithm input data of correctional Reed-Solomon code and graphic symbols recognition are in detail considered. The technology of error correction in the scanned data on the basis of Reed-Salomon code is developed. Tabl.: 2. Fig.: 4. Refs: 8 titles.
Key words graphic code, codeword, data compression, error syndrome, Reed-Solomon code, correctional code, Galois field.
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